Month: March 2018

Investing vs saving

Saving Vs. Investing | Difference between Saving and Investing | 2minutesFinance

Saving and Investing seem similar to me. What is the main difference between Saving and Investing? Should I save or Invest? Where should I Invest my money to get the best returns? Many of us don’t have any idea about Investing. They keep on saving their money in the bank

How to enter the stock market

How to enter the stock market in India | Indian share market | 2minutesFinance

I am from India, how do I start investing in the Indian stock market? How can a beginner invest in shares in India? Previously entering the stock market was very annoying only because of all the paperwork. You had to go to a stockbroker, submit all the required documents then fill

Trading vs investing

Trading vs. Investing | Difference between trading and investing

How is trading different from investing in the stock market? Trading and Investing are completely two different things, but at the same time, they are the two sides of the same coin. There are some factors that separate this two from each other. Risk. Time. Growth. Knowledge. Investing This involves

Types of income

What are the 3 types of Income | Types of income

There are thousands and thousands of ways to earn money. But, income can be broadly classified into three types.   Income is mainly classified into three types: 1.Active. 2.Passive. 3.Portfolio. Active Income This is the most common type of income and there is a huge possibility that your income also

what is inflation

What is Inflation | Causes of inflation | Inflation good or bad

What is Inflation? Definition – Inflation is used to define the process by which prices of goods and services increase constantly with time, it is the reason why purchasing power of currency decreases with time. You can calculate the rate using an inflation calculator. Central banks all over the world try